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Running into the Storm – Helping Essential Services Respond to Crisis


When faced with hard times I strive to be like the buffalo. For those unfamiliar with this metaphor, let me explain. The buffalo’s response to adversity is unique, unlike other species whose instincts drive them to run away as a storm chases from behind, the buffalo runs full speed ahead into the storm.

 I know what you are thinking. I thought so too. The buffalo is a CRAZY adrenaline junkie. I assure you this is not true. On the contrary, instinctually the buffalo knows something most of us do not.  It knows it cannot outrun a storm. So, instead of trying to outrun this force of nature, it runs straight toward it and through it. In doing so it endures some hardship but it also minimizes the time it spends battling the storm. While creatures who ran from the storm are caught fighting and trying to outrun nature, the buffalo is already out of the storm and grazing in the sun.  The buffalo doesn’t seem so crazy now, does it?

Globally we are enduring a “storm” of unprecedented magnitude. Perhaps now more than ever our responsiveness will impact our survival both literally and figuratively, This is how we, or our businesses, respond to the pressures of crisis, will shape the future and our resilience to future crises.

Actions speak

Bravery and resilience are something that Unleashing Leaders (UL) knows a lot about. Part of what I love about working here, especially at a time like this, is the attitude towards crisis is always to run bravely into the storm, full speed ahead, like the buffalo. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE on this ship said, “BRING IT ON!” when this storm hit. I love that because it aligns with everything I push for on a personal level. It’s this same “bring it on,” persevering, brave attitude that allowed me to overcome cancer at a young age, drove me to become a fierce patient advocate in the healthcare world, and propelled me toward a life I am both proud of and grateful to have. 

For more than 20 years Unleashing Leaders has been persevering, bravely running into the storm, and intentionally leaning into challenging moments and tasks. I deeply respect that and am proud to be a part of it, especially in these difficult times. Over the last several weeks, it is because of these attributes, our leadership expertise, reliability, and reputation for leaning in when things get tough, that we have become a go to resource for leaders adapting to changes necessitated by the COVID 19 pandemic.  As a trusted team of change agents who has trained and coached over 25,000 professionals to unleash their leadership potential, often in times of transformation, I have witnessed our team rapidly deploy their talents and expertise to help clients adapt and thrive in this storm.  We have worked tirelessly to support our critical service clients as they continue to serve the public during this crisis. The proof of this is in our actions.

In response to our client’s, California Department of Public Health, changing needs during this pandemic, Unleashing Leaders deployed a team of change agents, to provide reliable project management, vendor management, topic expertise, data analytics, and quality assurance services to public health leaders looking to stand-up a new COVID- 19 call center.

The call center focused on answering the public’s growing concerns about the COVID-19 crisis and sharing necessary resources. Our client did not have time on their side, with the support of our team and a very willing and capable client relationship, a successful call center was launched at lightning speed and with great success. We hit the ground running, We are both proud and humbled to have been a part of creating this invaluable public resource, by helping our client continue to serve and steer the deserving public towards trusted resources during these uncertain times.

The combination of rapidly changing information during these uncertain times coupled with strained limited resources has also challenged our clients and necessitated innovative solutions and support in adapting.   This is something that we excel at and will continue to provide support for. We are here to support our clients in weathering the storm and to be adequately prepared for future uncertainties.

Like all storms, we are optimistic that this too shall pass. In the meantime, I am grateful to be part of an experienced team working tirelessly to help guide our clients on how to be brave, persevere, work clearer, smarter, and together during times of crisis. 

Storms are an invariable force of nature that we cannot control. How will you respond to the next one? Will you be the buffalo grazing in the grass already past the storm? We know you can be, there are greener pastures ahead.