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We help build lasting, measurable change by fostering a culture of innovation.

Does your agency struggle with customer-facing services that are slow, error-prone, manual, or stuck in the past?

The Unleashing Leaders Innovation Program is our antidote to bureaucracy. For over 20 years, we’ve applied the best improvement tools from Lean, Six Sigma, design thinking, behavioral psychology, and other disciplines to help public sector clients transform their services to delight their customers.

Our secret? We won’t write you a memo or give you our 10 consultant-speak recommendations. Instead we facilitate your own staff, who do the work every day, to not just solve problems, but to become problem solvers.

See the Ways our Team Can Help:

Metrics Development and Data Visualization

We help you identify measurable goals and wrangle your data to understand the performance of your core services.

Engineering New Business Processes

We work with your team to design customer- and staff-friendly process from the ground up – especially in preparation for future IT implementation!

Leadership Coaching

We work with executives to expand their influence by empowering their staff to be problem-solvers.

Improving Existing Business Processes

We facilitate your staff to solve their own problems and apply lean tools to eliminate waste, reduce error and rework, and provide higher quality services. We can also provide direct staff supplementation to help you clear work backlogs and get back on track.

Building In-House Innovation Programs

We connect improvement work to your strategic plan and give you the tools to do what we do: train new innovators.

Training and Staff Development

We build staff capacity by teaching new skills that are immediately applied to your business.


Introduction to Innovation

Introduction to lean concepts and improvement methods.

Innovative Leaders

Emerging leaders work towards measurable improvement on a real business problem, with individualized coaching.

Online Innovation Academy

Learn how to say, see, and solve problems using a myriad of tools and tips in our self-paced, online training.

Success Stories