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Strategic Planning & Operational Management

We all know strategy is vital. So why does creating one seem to be so painful? It doesn't have to be! We took dozens of best practices and distilled them into a practical and playful series. Our VOPAR® Strategic Management System provides targeted activities to help leaders quickly formulate their Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives, and Core Values. More importantly, we natively link the operational aspects to dynamically translate strategy into tangible and trackable progress.


Quick Start Strategic Plan

Are you forming a new endeavor with a crop of new leaders and need a quick start? With our Quick Start VOPAR, we get your team snapped into a laser focus on our shared vision, priorities, and immediate actions. This great when volatility is ahead, and you still need a north star and a map to purposefully proceed.

Full Service VOPAR® Strategic Management System

Organizations that face many competing demands, often get sucked into the tyranny of the moment. Break out of that reactionary mode by planting your flag where we want to go and training up the capacity of leaders to think and decide strategically. We build the simple systems and sustainable governance processes that work best for you to balance tradeoffs and focus on the highest and best use.

VOPAR Strategic Thinking Training

Have you been asked to facilitate a strategic event or put some structure around your strategic goals? Let us help you select the right tools for the job and build skill in how to elevate the conversations during strategic planning. Seasoned executives find our tool kits refreshing and relevant to the dynamic realities facing most firms. They wish they'd had it sooner. Emerging leaders are grateful to have step-by-step playbooks to facilitate with confidence.

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How Unleashing Leaders Performs Strategic Planning

Our VOPAR® System is the most practical and purposeful approach to getting your team on the same page. We tailor the tools to match the size and complexity of your context. Then we guide you through the five disciplines of strategy. Visualize your environment and where you want to be in it. Organize your resources and risks. Prioritize the actions to take. Actualize by allocating resources intentionally. And Revise by periodically assessing and adapting.

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