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Organizational Change Management

We know that culture eats strategy for breakfast. Resistance to change jeopardizes your odds of success even more so than the merits of your vision. Our suite of OCM services translate bright ideas into tangible reality. We've helped hundreds of clients move tens of thousands of employees more gracefully through periods of significant organizational change. These are often associated with large IT system transitions, significant executive turnovers, merger-acquisitions-divestitures, or major reorgs.


Change Readiness Assessment

Do you have a big idea brewing? Awesome! Let us help you scan the path ahead to illuminate the sources of resistance unique to your context that are likely to delay your success. We provide a neutral lens to assess where your stakeholders are starting from so you can know better how to get them where you want to go.

Communications, Storytelling, & Stakeholder Management

Your leaders have spent countless hours formulating their ideas. How do we get those insights out of their heads and into the hearts of your people? Our communication specialists read minds and bend time and space… well almost. But we can extract your vision and translate it into the multiple learning languages that diverse stakeholders speak. We then conduct storytelling campaigns customized by audiences and goals, and monitor their engagement and ultimate adoption.

Organizational Design & Development

Re-orgs should NOT be your first tactic in implementing strategy or process improvements. However, at some point, the organizational design will need to evolve to best produce the results you seek. Our trusted agents help you avoid the pendulum swings from one extreme to another. Looking at your context, goals, and risks, we facilitate discussions to design the optimal hybrid solutions.

Full Service Transformation

OCM is essential to success, but it's messy and time consuming. Your leaders are stretched thin. They handle smaller changes just fine but only experience a few massive changes in a career. Let us partner with you, your technology vendors, and/or any other stakeholders to avoid stepping on the rakes of inexperience. We get your team where you want to go in a fraction of the time with a lot less drama.

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How Unleashing Leaders Conducts OCM

Despite Hollywood's portrayal, just because you built it, doesn't mean they will come. Our practical OCM services are time tested over decades of field experience from multiple industries. The common denominator is this - people are people. We clarify the vision and paths for change based on your unique context and the changes you seek. We engage the right people at the right time so they are ready and willing to embrace the changes gracefully.

Organizational Change Management 101 Online Training