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Business Process Innovation™

Is your organization getting the most from the resources they already have? Could services be delivered faster, better, or cheaper? Talent is often leashed by inefficient processes. It's easier to accelerate by taking a foot off the brakes than stomping more on the gas. In a crisis, we can do this for you to give you some breathing room. Better yet, let us unleash your team's internal capacity to do this for themselves indefinitely.


Crisis BPI Interventions

Is your business suffering from an economic shock or threatened by the risk of losing key knowledge? Or maybe you just inherited a team suffering from chronic client complaints? We are veteran BPI combat medics. We parachute in to rapidly stop the bleeding. There's usually a few things that can quickly stabilize the ship. They are just hard to see when you are in the middle of it.

Practical BPI Training

We pioneered LSS in service sectors before it was cool. Today, off-the-shelf factories will give you a "belt" to match any outfit. Our seasoned practitioners know it isn't about the math. Armed with just a few practical tools and knowing where to apply them, a change agent can deliver results faster, better, and cheaper. Our custom training programs from line level analysts to executives provide you what you need to succeed based on what actually works.

Building Internal BPI Capacity

We love solving problems for clients; we love helping clients solve problems for themselves even more. We've worked with small businesses and large bureaucracies to unleash internal change agents who can continuously improve services. We identify your folks with the "spark" and then work side-by-side to develop their leadership and analytical skills while solving priority problems. They build a practical toolkit and mindset to continue accelerating changes long after we are gone.

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How Unleashing Leaders Performs Business Process Improvement

Traditional BPI methods can be as traumatic as the disease. Many well intended "blue ribbon" or "tiger teams" spend months coming up with great ideas ... that go nowhere. Our innovative BPI integrates four disciplines. First, we isolate the bottlenecks that most constrain performance. Then we surgically apply only the relevant LSS tools. We use Agile to deliver in quick iterations that accelerate results and reduce risks. Finally, we embed change management to overcome resistance.

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