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Agile Project & Portfolio Management

In today's dynamic and uncertain world, traditional project methods struggle to adapt as conditions change. Planning for perfection towards a big bang implementation gets thwarted by shifting dynamics. Agile executes in small, time-boxed slices with frequent opportunities to inspect and adapt. We weave Agile principles and practices to accelerate delivery and reduce the risks from uncertainty. We help leaders apply these skills at the individual project level and for managing your overall change portfolio.


Practical Agile Training

We go beyond the theoretical concepts in an off-the-shelf Scrum Master or Product Owner training to incorporate real life and practical experience. Our instructors are seasoned practitioners and veterans of seeing agile in multiple contexts. We know one size does not fit all. In our private enrollment courses, we share with you the range of options commonly available, help you understand the tradeoffs, and select the ones right for your organization.

Agile Project Management Coaching

Agile is simple in concept and yet still hard to do. Much of the mindset runs perpendicular to how most managers have been conditioned to think since grade school. Partnering with a friendly Agile coach significantly increases the application. This can range from simply having an expert on call to walk you through the unusual challenges to having someone roll up their sleeves and work side-by-side with you through your first few implementations.

Agile Portfolio Management Consulting

As more people adopt Agile for their projects, they realize that the full potential is restricted by the overall organizational boundaries (or lack thereof). Agile Portfolio Management integrates how projects are formulated, prioritized, resourced, and tracked in tandem with the VOPAR Strategic System. This scales the implementation to enable the organization to increase efficiency of execution, simplify tracking and reporting with modern tools, and increase flexibility and resilience to significant business shocks.

Agile Project Managers/Scrum Masters

You could do it; but sometimes you just don't want to. Your leaders are busy with operations and strategy, and you can only spread them so thin. Partner up with a trusted Agile PM who can provide the servant leadership to orchestrate your project teams to success. Not only will we get the job done faster for you; your leaders and team members will also grow from that experience.

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How Unleashing Leaders does Agile Project Management

Agile PM isn't new. We were learned directly from the original Agile founders shortly after they coined the terms. Unfortunately, many advocates have become zealous and dogmatic about it. We remember that Agile is all about (wait for it) being agile! Our experienced coaches help you choose the principles and practices that best fit your context. This includes trying on small pieces of it, seeing what works, and evolving from there.