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Who is Unleashing Leaders

  • 1997 – Richmond, VA. Recognized traditional management models were fraying in the face of complex challenges. Conducted training programs on emerging methods to corporate clients.

  • 2000 – Sacramento, CA. Launched integrated leadership training programs with modern, practical tool sets. Coached entrepreneurs and senior leaders. Keynote speaker on emerging leadership trends.

  • 2008 – Sacramento, CA. Rapidly expanded during Great Recession to provide full service consulting to help clients adapt. Changed name to Unleashing Leaders.

  • 2018 – Boise, ID. Opened first satellite office to expand services to clients across Pacific Northwest. Launched first online training programs.


We've personally unleashed over 28,000 leaders at all levels to enhance their ability to better serve their teams, their customers, and their communities.

Our friendly change agents are primarily sourced from your region so they understand the unique culture, context, and politics of your organization.

How Would you Describe Unleashing Leaders?

What Derails Leaders the Most?

What Are the Core Services Unleashing Leaders Provides?

Our Strategy Map

A Strategy Map quickly gets your team on the same page. Here's a few examples of the work we've done.

  • Our Mission

    We inspire an epidemic of leadership and integrity by modeling the way.

  • Inspire

    We believe the potential is there. We invite the willing to tap into underutilized talent.

  • Epidemic

    Good leadership is contagious. We unleash others to spread the impact rapidly beyond our reach.

  • Model the Way

    We preach only what we've practiced. We provide only practical, field-proven models customized to fit your unique needs.

Our Values

We are FIERCE in our commitment to the following behaviors in all our interactions internally and externally.








Liberty and justice for all - it's the cornerstone of our country and the bedrock of our company. "Unleashing" begins with embracing your most fundamental power - the power to choose.


We operate with honor and dignity, especially when no one is watching. Integrity also means aligning diverse perspectives to operate in harmony with our surroundings.


Don't let the perfect be the enemy of progress. We optimize value by striking the right balance across goals and tradeoffs. We surf the curve of diminshing returns to deliver sustainable results.


We are courageous in the face of adversity. We make conscious choices toward goals, work hard, and adapt quickly. Breakdowns are opportunities to recover and breakthrough.


We operate with the open mind of a beginner, not the closed mind of an expert. Our life-long passion for learning embraces feedback and "new" mistakes as gifts.


We care deeply for the people we serve. We work with passion by leveraging our strengths as individuals and collaborating well as a team.

Our Team

We are your friendly neighborhood change agents. We bring a diverse blend of strengths, styles, industries, histories, and methods to best match the range of our clients.

Lee img
Lee Scott
Founder & Chief Change Agent
Cyrus img
Cyrus Aram
Chief Executive Officer
Fritzic img
Fritzic Allen
Chief Operating Officer
Cortland img
Cortland Mares
Chief Financial Officer
Amber img
Amber Beckler
VP Corporate Development
Essence img
Essence Hill
Dir of Marketing & Communications
Lovelle img
Lovelle Harris
Senior Client Relationship Manager
Cathleen img
Cathleen Mills
HR Compliance Manager
Nicole img
Nicole Gibbs-Cormier
Organizational Health Manager
Ian img
Ian Toner
Digital Delivery Manager
Julie img
Julie Ratajczak
Payroll Specialist
Elizabeth img
Elizabeth Dils
AP/AR Specialist